Fall Fitness Challenge Winners

18 December 2017 Comments Off on Fall Fitness Challenge Winners

This fall’s “Sports As a Way of Life” Fitness Challenge, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, ended on December 10. Eighty people entered the four-week event, which was held at the Dormitories Sports Hall and open to all students and academic staff. Points were awarded each time a participant worked out; fitness activities included in the challenge ranged from stationary cycling to strength training exercises.
Among the 80 participants, 35 succeeded in meeting the challenge goal of collecting at least 120 points by exercising regularly between November 13 and December 10. The top finishers are listed below; congratulations to all participants for their commitment to fitness.
1. Ebubekir Yavuz, Emre Başar, Noman Ali, Şahin Kuranel, Usama Shahood Ahmed, Utku Karaca
2. Kıvanç Alduran, Serkan Sarıtaş
3. Haen Jae Lee, Shaheryar Baber
1. Damla Akolluk, Sili Anıl
2. Ecrin Yağız