Fall Swim and Fitness Challenges Wrap Up

24 December 2018 Comments Off on Fall Swim and Fitness Challenges Wrap Up

On December 19, a reception was held in the Sports Center Swimming Pool building to celebrate the achievements of participants in this fall’s “Sports as a Way of Life” Fitness and Swim Challenges.

The two challenges took place over several weeks, ending in mid-December. Participants exercised two to five times every week for five weeks, collecting points for each session at the gym or the pool. The main aim of the challenges, notes the Sports Center staff, is to help students acquire a lifelong habit of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

During the challenge period, more than 200 Bilkenters exercised regularly; the 50 among them who worked out or swam often enough to collect at least 120 points received awards at the reception. The top finishers in the two challenges are listed at right.

Fitness Challenge (Women)

  1. Hira Farhan
  2. Sili Meral Anıl
  3. Mahnoor Sulaiman


Fitness Challenge (Men)

  1. Ahmet Akgün, Ahmet Furkan Güç, Ebubekir Yavuz, M. Tamim Akhtar, Mustafa Özer, Noman Ali, Noman Aslan, Oğuzhan Küçük, Sumair Saleh Memo, Syed M. Haris Ali, Syed M. Aun Jafri
  2. Sefa Nuri Ödemiş
  3. Ahmetcan Demirel, Emre Umur Çakır, Kaan Kazandı


Swim Challenge (Women)

  1. Monireh Rahiminejat
  2. Duygu Albayrak
  3. Miri Besken


Swim Challenge (Men)

  1. Can Ilgaz Özdemiroğlu, Halit Metehan Dilaver
  2. Krasimir Konyarov
  3. Cevat Aykan Sevinç, Serdar Rasul