FEASS Advisory Board Discusses Trends in Social Science Education

05 March 2018 Comments Off on FEASS Advisory Board Discusses Trends in Social Science Education

The first meeting of the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences External Advisory Board convened on Saturday, March 3, at the Bilkent Hotel.

The meeting began with an introduction of the participants, followed by a presentation by the dean of the Faculty, Prof. Erinç Yeldan. Dean Yeldan discussed the global trends affecting education in the social sciences, pointing to the sources of the transformation in the global economy, politics and society. He noted the impact of automation in industry, the structural shift toward knowledge-based, flexible employment, the mobility of people and finances, and the increasing impact of research and development.

The FEASS External Advisory Board consists of distinguished representatives of the public sector, the private sector and academia. During the meeting, the Board members addressed the question of the ways in which a higher-education learning environment can contribute to the development of a social scientist proceeding toward professional life, as well as the possible avenues of university–society cooperation for the purpose of facilitating a nurturing environment for tomorrow’s leaders and global citizens.