Fitness and Swim Challenges Wrap Up

13 May 2019 Comments Off on Fitness and Swim Challenges Wrap Up

Each semester, the Physical Education and Sports Center holds two events aimed at encouraging students to make exercise a lifelong habit. The Fitness Challenge and the Swim Challenge invite Bilkenters to work out in the gym or swim two to five times each week during a four-week period, with participants collecting points each time they exercise.

This spring, the challenges attracted a total of 201 participants. On May 7, a reception at the Sports Center’s swimming pool facility celebrated the conclusion of the challenges, with awards presented to the 47 individuals who collected 120 or more points.

The top finishers were:

Fitness Challenge – Women

1. Rawan Hammoud

Sili Meral Anıl

Zeynep Artaç

2. Gozeel Binte Shahid

Mahnoor Sulaiman

3. Reyhan Ergün

Fitness Challenge – Men

1. Ebubekir Yavuz

Eren Berk Ethem

Eren Yalçın

Noman Aslam

2. Osama Zahid

Ozan Aygün

Syed M. Haris Ali

Mustafa Özer

Emre Umur Çakır

3. Ege Girşen

Noman Ali

Swim Challenge – Women

1. Duygu Albayrak

2. Michelle Maria Adams

3. Miri Besken

Swim Challenge – Men

1. Can Ilgaz Özdemiroğlu

Ömer Faruk Filiz