Flu Vaccine

30 September 2013 Comments Off on Flu Vaccine

Each year as fall begins, the number of flu cases increases. Because of this, a flu vaccine campaign is now underway in our health centers. Staff and students wanting to get vaccinated can do so at the centers.

Staff members who have Acýbadem Insurance will pay only 30 percent of the cost of the vaccine.

The flu vaccine is especially recommended for:

Adults aged 65 and above (especially residents of rest homes),

All children aged 6-59 months (especially those aged 6-24 months),

Adults and children who have chronic diseases such as heart, lung (including asthma), liver or kidney disease, or diabetes mellitus or other endocrine system diseases,

Adults and children whose immune systems are compromised: those having cancer or immune deficiency diseases such as AIDS or who have had bone marrow or organ transplans,

Children and adolescents (6 months – 18 years) who are on long-term aspirin therapy, which puts them at risk for Reye’s syndrome following the flu,

Healthy people who might spread the flu to groups at risk: health care staff, family caregivers, and child care and rest home staff,

Women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

The flu vaccine is not recommended for:

Those allergic to eggs and other contents of the vaccine,

Those having an illness with a fever (until the symptoms disappear),

Women in the first trimester of pregnancy,

Children aged less than 6 months,

Those with a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.