Gazete Bilkent Summit Attracts Media Career-Bound Students

22 March 2016 Comments Off on Gazete Bilkent Summit Attracts Media Career-Bound Students

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Last week, Gazete Bilkent held its fourth annual Media Summit, featuring prominent guest speakers from various sectors of the media. The event took place in the Bilkent Concert Hall on March 12-13 and attracted nearly 150 attendees, most of whom were interested in pursuing a career in the media.

Among the speakers were critic, author, journalist and anchor Attila Dorsay, musician İskender Paydaş, producer and anchor Osmantan Erkır and newscaster Nazlı Çelik, as well as journalist Nur Batur. Other guests who participated in the summit included photographers, writers and editors.

Following the summit’s interactive sessions, attendees from Bilkent and other universities received certificates of participation. Attendees also shared their future plans for working in the various media fields.

A notable feature of the summit was the effort made by the Gazete Bilkent team to welcome hearing-impaired guests, who were admitted free of charge, with sign language interpreters on hand to translate the sessions.