Gazete Bilkent’s Media Summit Draws Large Attendance

23 March 2015 Comments Off on Gazete Bilkent’s Media Summit Draws Large Attendance


This month, Gazete Bilkent held its third Media Summit, featuring prominent guest speakers from various sectors of the media. The event took place in Meb Şura Hall and attracted nearly 500 participants, most of whom were interested in pursuing a career in the media.

Among the speakers were journalist Mirgün Cabas, news reporter Erhan Ertürk and anchormen İrfan Değirmenci and Ali Kırca, as well as author Canan Tan. Other guests who participated in the summit included actors, CEOs and editors.

Following the summit’s 12 sessions, attendees received certificates of participation. Also, Ali Kırca and Canan Tan stayed on after the close of the event to sign autographs and engage with members of the audience.

Perhaps the most energetic speaker of the summit, İrfan Değirmenci surely created the unintentional highlight of the event when he sat down on one of the foam letters spelling out “Gazete Bilkent” and broke it. He also took a selfie with the audience at the end of his session.