Get Ready for the Fall Fitness Challenge

30 October 2018 Comments Off on Get Ready for the Fall Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to take part in this semester’s “Sports as a Way of Life” Fitness Challenge? The four-week event kicks off on Monday, November 12, and will run through Sunday, December 9. It will be held at the Dormitories Sports Hall and is open to all students.

Participants are to work out at least two times and at most five times per week. Participants can do, at most, two different activities in one day, and will get 5 points for each activity each day that it is done.

Students taking GE250/251 who collect points in the challenge will also receive points for the course as follows:

  • 30 GE points for 60 Fitness Challenge points
  • 40 GE points for 80 Fitness Challenge points
  • 50 GE points for 100 Fitness Challenge points
  • 60 GE points for 120 Fitness Challenge points

Fitness activities include:

Cycling (30 minutes)

Rowing (30 minutes)

Stepper (15 minutes) and cycling

(15 minutes)

Rowing (15 minutes) and cycling

(15 minutes)

Cross-training (30 minutes)

Treadmill (30 minutes)

One set of strength training station exercises

For more information, please call the Sports Center at ext. 1993 or email