GRA Graduate Wins Package Design Award

11 November 2013 Comments Off on GRA Graduate Wins Package Design Award

Tuğçe Doğruyol (GRA/’13) has been awarded an honorable mention in the National Student Package Design Contest. Organized by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) and Reed-TUYAP, the competition aims to encourage undergraduate and graduate students who have been studying graphic design, industrial design or industrial product design to consider the field of packaging design as a possible career choice.

Tuğçe’s competition entry was a design for a light bulb package. “The inspiration for the design comes from the connection between light, the human eye and vision,” she said. “The main idea is to provide a package for light bulbs that will provide protection while leaving enough of an opening to make the light bulb visible. Looking from the front, top and bottom of the package when the bulb is inside, the design resembles the human eye. When the bulb is removed, the package becomes flat, occupying minimum volume. ”

Her design was chosen from among 163 competition entries to receive one of a number of honorable mention awards. With this award, Tuğçe will have a chance to participate in the World Packaging Organization’s 2013 WorldStar Student Awards, an international packaging design competition for students from countries around the world.