Günköy Gathers Supplies for Uşak Schoolchildren

09 April 2019 Comments Off on Günköy Gathers Supplies for Uşak Schoolchildren

Last week, volunteers from the TDP project Günköy (The Sun Rises From the Village) collected donations for Uşak province’s Eşme Karaahmetli village and its primary school. Items such as books, school supplies and clothing were collected over a three-day period.

Günköy has been active since 2010 in assisting villages where school facilities are inadequate; the goal is to help four village schools each year. Project volunteers spend a whole weekend at each school, during which some of them renovate schoolrooms to serve as libraries or do repair work on school buildings, while others conduct activities that are both educational and fun for the school’s students. The volunteers’ hope is that they will help expand village children’s horizons and inspire them to dream.