IAED Graduate Wins Interior Architecture Competition

02 March 2021 Comments Off on IAED Graduate Wins Interior Architecture Competition

Aleyna Ateş, a 2020 graduate of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, won both first and second prizes in the fourth-year student category of the 2020 Project Competition for Interior Architecture Students organized by the Chamber of Interior Architects of Turkey.

The award ceremony for the competition took place on January 8 of this year.

The competition has been held for three years, with the goal of bringing together academicians, students and professionals in the field of interior architecture as well as improving the quality of student projects and providing a platform for their presentation. The 2020 event was organized in conjunction with Başkent University.

Ms. Ateş created her first-prize project, “Rectorate House,” for the IAED 402 studio course last spring as a design for a hybrid space that would incorporate the concept of “home” while also including public areas.The second-prize project, “Community Center,” represented a design for the adaptive reuse of a historic building, the Alsancak train station in İzmir. The project was completed for the IAED 401 studio course during the 2019 fall semester.