IAED Students’ Exhibition: Distinguished Works

05 March 2018 Comments Off on IAED Students’ Exhibition: Distinguished Works

From February 26 through March 5, the FADA Exhibition Hall was home to a show consisting of “distinguished works” by Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students. On display were 2017 fall semester projects created by students from all four years of the IAED program.

All of the projects were displayed in the format of a poster showing the idea behind the design and the technical work involved, accompanied by three-dimensional models.

The exhibition also featured a group of conceptual three-dimensional abstract models, which were displayed at the center of the exhibit space. The models offered insight into nonrepresentational thinking and the initial steps in learning how to design.

It was a great opportunity for visitors to the exhibit, who included students’ families, to trace the creative development of Bilkent IAED students. The presentations and models represented different themes and ideas embodied in a variety of outputs, from drawings and sketches to models and computerized three-dimensional screenings. The great range of concepts, styles and perspectives on display showed the skills and the capabilities of the students as developed by the IAED Department’s educational program.