IAED Students Get Concrete Experience

26 November 2018 Comments Off on IAED Students Get Concrete Experience

Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students recently got some hands-on experience working with building materials, courtesy of the Turkish Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association, at a workshop organized by IAED251 Construction and Materials course instructor N. Şule Aybar and fellow IAED instructor M. Turhan Kayasü.

At the workshop, held on November 13 as part of the department’s “Materials Seminars” series, IAED251 students learned to build aerated concrete masonry walls with openings. The seminar began with a classroom session in the FF-05 conference room, followed by the workshop, held in the FA Building courtyard. On their own, students had to move lightweight aerated units and cement them into place with mortar to create sample walls, giving them practical experience with masonry construction techniques, as well as an advance perspective on the practicum course they will be taking during the coming summer.