International Audio Technologies Conference Held at Bilkent

17 November 2014 Comments Off on International Audio Technologies Conference Held at Bilkent

On November 12 and 13, the Department of Communication and Design (COMD) hosted ATMM 2014. The conference continued at Bahçeşehir University in İstanbul on November 14. ATMM (Audio Technologies for Music and Media) is an interdisciplinary international conference that focuses on the various aspects of audio, audiovisual and music technologies for music and media, and also on the relationship between sound, music and image in both traditional and new media.

This year’s conference opened on Wednesday, November 12, with a keynote address by Pieter Snapper. Mr. Snapper, as a mastering engineer, producer and composer of contemporary classical and electronic music, is an expert in the area of audio and music technologies. He spoke on the topic of “Rediscovering Creative Sound Engineering: A Challenge to Producers, Engineers, Artists, and Educators.”

Conference presenters came from eight countries, representing 24 universities and 17 companies. Sessions included presentations  by Barry Marshall (New England Institute of Art) on “Strategies for Dealing with the Digital Disruptions of the Recording Industry” and Cumhur Erkut (Aalborg University) on “Sound and Music Computing: A Nordic Perspective.”

ATMM 2014 also included an “Audio Tech Startup Forum,” where representatives of startup companies EasyGuitar,, Beatografi, KV331 Audio and Seshouse gave presentations and answered questions.

UNESCO World Philosophy Day Celebration

In honor of UNESCO World Philosophy Day, the Philosophy Department is holding a workshop to celebrate the diversity of analytic philosophy.

The program will include talks by guest speakers from Bosphorus University, Koç University and the Lingnan University in Hong Kong, as well as by Bilkent faculty members Dr. Sandrine Berges and Dr. Simon Wigley. Topics will include agency, democracy, blame and punishment, and the history of philosophy, along with the perennial question of how and when we talk about what there is.

The event will be held in G-160 on Thursday, November 20.