International Festival Showcases Cultural Diversity at Bilkent

02 May 2017 Comments Off on International Festival Showcases Cultural Diversity at Bilkent


On Sunday, April 23, Bilkent International House (BIH) and the South Asian Cultural Club (SACC) co-hosted what is becoming an annual tradition at Bilkent: the university’s International Festival. This year’s festival was an especially vibrant event, with an amazing display of diverse cultures by representatives of 22 nations from the Bilkent student community.

The international mélange featured stands set up by students to showcase the cultures of their respective countries; some of the stands also featured delicious food. The participants put on some extremely lively performances, which consisted primarily of traditional or characteristic songs and dances. Each performance had its own unique style, but all of them captivated the audience with their variety and vigor.

The organizers and participants alike were gratified to see many members of Ankara’s diplomatic community in attendance to support their countries’ students and enjoy the festival. Overall, the event was an excellent reflection of the ever-growing multicultural character of the student community at Bilkent.