Interview Adventure With Talent Hunters Begins

28 September 2021 Comments Off on Interview Adventure With Talent Hunters Begins

The Career and Alumni Office is inviting all third- and fourth-year students to participate in its Interview Adventure With Talent Hunters program for the fall semester.Students who take advantage of this opportunity will have their CVs reviewed and feedback provided by the Career and Alumni Office; get tips on how to prepare for a successful interview; and be interviewed by talent hunters from the companies participating in this year’s program. In addition, they will receive feedback on their interviews from these human resource professionals: a valuable feature that the normal interview process does not provide.

Over the past two years, 1,433 Bilkent students participated in the program and had the chance to be interviewed by representatives of 55 domestic and international companies from various sectors.

During this year’s program, students will have the chance to interview with talent hunters from the companies  listed on the poster announcing the event, illustrated here.

Students who want to apply to participate should visit the  Other Services/Interview Adventure with Talent Hunters (IATH) menu by September 29, upload a CV and make an appointment with the Career and Alumni Office.

After completion of their initial online interviews with the Career and Alumni Office, students will be paired with company representatives for the company interview stage. These online interviews with talent hunters will take place between November 15 and December 10, and will be set up by the companies.

Students who complete all steps of the program will be issued an Interview Adventure certificate by the Career and Alumni Office.