Interview Adventure with Talent Hunters Begins

26 September 2022 Comments Off on Interview Adventure with Talent Hunters Begins

The Career and Alumni Office is inviting all third- and fourth-year students to participate in its Interview Adventure With Talent Hunters program for the fall semester.

Participants who take part in this program will:
– have their CV reviewed and checked by the Career and Alumni Office
– receive feedback that will help them update and enhance their CV
– obtain tips on how to prepare for successful interviews
– meet with company talent hunters for interviews
– receive feedback on their interviews

To apply to the program visit Follow the Other Services/Interview Adventure in the Talent Hunters (IATH) menu, fill out the application form, upload a CV and make an appointment with the Career and Alumni Office.

Students will be paired with companies based on the sectors they selected in the application form. Students will learn about their company pairings by e-mail, and they will determine the date and time of the interview with the company officials.

Interviews with Talent Hunters will take place between November 10 and December 20, and each interview will take 30 minutes. Talent Hunters will give students 15 minutes of feedback at the end of the interviews.

In order to complete the program, students must fill out the survey and send it to the Career and Alumni Office. Students who complete all steps of the program will be issued an Interview Adventure certificate by the Career and Alumni Office.

The companies in this year’s program are listed here: