İstanbul Design Biennial Features Works by COMD Students

16 December 2014 Comments Off on İstanbul Design Biennial Features Works by COMD Students

Department of Communication and Design students have participated in the second İstanbul Design Biennial, which was held by the İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) from November 1 to December 14.

In addition to its main exhibition and a variety of other activities, the Biennial featured an Academy Program, with over 30 universities and other academic institutions contributing 72 projects. Many of the Academy Program projects were displayed in Antrepo 7, located in Salıpazarı Harbor and open to the public for the first time as event space for the Biennial.

As was the case for the first İstanbul Design Biennial in 2012, COMD students were invited to create artwork related to the event’s theme. This year’s theme was “The Future Is Not What It Used to Be.”

After five months of work overseen by COMD instructor Jülide Akşiyote, COMD 101 students, along with COMD students Gizem Kızılcık, Ömür Mert Koçdoğan, Güner Munlafalıoğlu, Nur Boğatur, Ekin Taneri, Eda Tankal, Boran Aksoy and Ufuk Yardımcı, created video installations, 3D models and photographic collages. In line with the Biennial’s theme, all of these works focused on the world we live in today and the possible future.