İYİ Party Chairperson Speaks at Bilkent

27 March 2018 Comments Off on İYİ Party Chairperson Speaks at Bilkent

On Thursday, March 15, Siyaset Platformu Kulübü and Politik Düşünce Kulübü hosted a lecture by İYİ Party Chairperson Meral Akşener. The topic of Ms. Akşener’s talk was “Türkiye Gündemi” (Turkey’s Agenda).

Ms. Akşener shared her reflections on her departure from the Nationalist Movement Party and the period during which it took place, and then continued with her political experiences. She talked about the İYİ (“Good”) Party’s foundation, including the selection of its logo and name, noting that initially the name seemed strange to many, but everyone has gotten used to it by now.

Mindful of the university audience, Ms. Akşener stressed the importance of youth in politics and encouraged young people to become involved by joining the youth branches of the various political parties.

The event attracted great interest from students, filling the auditorium to capacity. As well as speaking on her topic, Mr. Akşener answered a number of questions from members of the audience on issues including Cyprus, the role of women and youth in politics and brain drain.