Kalbiye Tansel and Çiğdem Barçan Tansel Thesis Awards

07 November 2022 Comments Off on Kalbiye Tansel and Çiğdem Barçan Tansel Thesis Awards

The Kalbiye Tansel and Çiğdem Barçan Tansel Thesis Awards, organized by the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences, were presented on Tuesday, October 25, with a ceremony at the Oğuz Tansel Center for Turkish Literature.

The ceremony began with opening remarks by Director Prof. Refet Gürkaynak. Prof. Aysıt Tansel, representing the Tansel family, was next to speak. Her speech was remarkable in remembering the family and their memories of living in the Oğuz Tansel Research Library.

The ceremony proceeded with the presentation of the awards. The two recipients of the Kalbiye Tansel and Çiğdem Barçan Tansel Thesis Awards were Volkan Acun (IAED) for his doctoral dissertation and Ayşenur Dağlı (HIST) for her master’s thesis.

After receiving his award, Acun had the opportunity to introduce his doctoral dissertation briefly, in which he focused on the concept of the soundscape. His inspiring study’s main aim is to understand the relationship between soundscape and the perception of sounds by individuals and society. He stated that he used analytical tools such as machine learning and signal processing.

Ayşenur Dağlı’s master’s thesis was as impressive as Acun’s dissertation. Her study focused on the concept of honor and its various layers of meaning for both sexes in the early modern Ottoman Era. She condensed the outcome of her research into the statement that, while the concept of honor was perceived as an attainable value for men, it connotates values that should be protected for women.

The ceremony concluded with a luncheon where prize recipients could share the details of their studies and accept congratulations.

Written by Aslınur Memiş (EDEB)