“Kamu Sohbetleri”: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

01 December 2014 Comments Off on “Kamu Sohbetleri”: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The second session in the “Kamu Sohbetleri” series of talks, organized by the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, was held on November 27. The guest speakers were Cenk Uraz (IR/’96) and Aykut Ünal (IR/’05), two FEASS graduates currently working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Onur Gökçe, a former ambassador and currently senior lecturer in the Department of International Relations, also participated in the session.

The talk began with the speakers describing career options in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following their presentation of both the opportunities and the difficulties these options offer, Mr. Uraz and Mr. Ünal shared their own experiences at the Ministry. They also provided some valuable information regarding the exam process by giving examples from previous years’ exams.  The guests noted that the language and critical thinking skills Bilkent graduates acquire during their university years are of great use in working at the Ministry.

The FEASS “Kamu Sohbetleri” series brings graduates of FEASS who are working in the public sector together with current students. The objective is to help FEASS students gain knowledge about the public sector at a time when they are making decisions about their future career paths.

Please follow www.bilkent.edu.tr/feass for news of upcoming events in the series.