Latest Exhibition at the Library Art Gallery: “Chasing Kismet”

28 March 2017 Comments Off on Latest Exhibition at the Library Art Gallery: “Chasing Kismet”


On Wednesday, March 22, the Library Art Gallery hosted the opening reception of a new exhibition, “Chasing Kismet.” Artist Emin Güler, 33 of whose paintings are featured in the exhibition, was present at the opening.

Mr. Güler started his career teaching at schools across Anatolia, where he had the opportunity to observe the lifestyle of the Anatolian people, dominated by hard physical work interconnected with nature. This experience has served as an inspiration for his art.

In almost all of Mr. Güler’s paintings, the theme of “harvesting kismet” is present, whether the subjects are working in vast fields under the glaring sun, fishing in the sea or herding animals. Aside from the apparent context and action, the paintings are enriched by various symbols related to fortune and fruitfulness, such as a multitude of birds hovering over seamen pulling a heavy net, colorful feathers falling onto the grass, or the frequently appearing pomegranates, a traditional symbol of fertility.

Interestingly, the more arduous the conditions depicted, the brighter the paintings become. The artist makes use of vivid, intense color along with solidly conceived constructions, bringing an air of surrealism to his works.

For those who wish to view this conjunction of tireless Anatolians and artistic abstraction, the exhibition will run through April 18, and will be open every day (except Sunday) between 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.