Le Piment Rouge Hosts Gastronomy Workshop

24 April 2018 Comments Off on Le Piment Rouge Hosts Gastronomy Workshop

On April 15, the Ankara Gastronomy Federation recognized the contributions made by the Bilkent University Department of Tourism and Hotel Management’s practice restaurant Le Piment Rouge by awarding it a plaque. The restaurant received the award for hosting the federation’s special Gastronomy Workshop.
The workshop is among the leading gastronomic events in Ankara. The seventh annual workshop took place at Le Piment Rouge this year and involved three well-known chefs: Emre İnanır from the Angus Group, Ali Açgül from Spice Restaurant and Amirouche Hamiti from the Chef Academy. The event provided participants an opportunity to work with these chefs in a professional environment, preparing menus they had devised for the occasion.
Following the workshop, members of the federation held a dinner. Federation Chair Yasemin Köksal noted that, as is the case every year, “amateur spirits had met with professional hands” during the event. She also expressed the organization’s hope that Le Piment Rouge will become a permanent home for the federation’s workshops, because of the wonderful facilities it offers and the hospitality provided by its chef instructor Elif Denizci and service instructor Ali Ünal.