Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Hosts Italian Chef Daniel Evangelista

22 December 2014 Comments Off on Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Hosts Italian Chef Daniel Evangelista

The menu of Le Piment Rouge Restaurant changes weekly, each time transporting the customer to a different region of the world. These cold December days, Italian chef Daniel Evangelista has been the guest of Le Piment Rouge, bringing with him a delicious Italian menu. Bilkent News had a chance to meet with him and get two easy recipes for you.

Mr. Evangelista is a talented and energetic chef who completed his education at hotel management school in 1990 and has pursued his career in many different cities, including Milan, Paris and Sydney. Finally he landed in Ankara, where over the last eight years he has opened a number of restaurants, while at the same time managing the cuisine at Mezzaluna.

In addition to this month’s Italian menu, Le Piment Rouge features cuisines from a variety of countries and cultures each semester, with a different menu weekly. The combination of big taste and a warm and welcoming atmosphere is what makes Le Piment Rouge the perfect culinary retreat for serious eaters.

Le Piment Rouge is open Monday to Friday from noon to 2 p.m. You are advised to make reservations as early as possible, as much as a week in advance. The restaurant is not usually able to accommodate walk-in customers. You can find an updated menu in each issue of Bilkent News.


Carpaccio di branzino alle erbe fini e arancio marinato al limone e olio EVO

Sea Bass Carpaccio marinated in lemon and olive oil, accompanied with

herbs and oranges (15 portions)


3000 gr seabass (whole)

5 oranges (sectioned), 1 bunch dill,

1 bunch coriander, 1 bunch chives (chopped), 4 chili peppers


For the marinade/dressing:

125 ml olive oil, 1 lemon, black pepper, salt



1. First, remove the seeds of the chilis and dice finely.

2. Wash and trim herbs.

3. Make sure that the sea bass fillet is deboned and then, with the help

of a very sharp knife, slice the fillet from head to tail, cutting very thin slices, and pound.

4. Lay the slices of fish on 15 serving plates, then drizzle each plate with

olive oil.

5. Garnish with chili, herbs and orange sections, and serve.

Blini al Mandarino

Mandarin Blini served with strawberry and orange sauces

(15 portions)



For the blini: 400 gr flour, 4 gr baking soda, 200 gr sugar, 500 ml milk


For serving: 16 mandarin oranges (sectioned), 400 ml cream (whisked), strawberry sauce, orange sauce, 400 gr chocolate, powdered sugar



1- Mix all the ingredients for the blini. Heat a frying pan until it is medium hot and add a little vegetable oil along with small spoonfuls of the blini mixture.

2- Cook the blini on each side until golden brown, then remove and drain onto kitchen paper. Repeat with the remaining batter and keep the blini warm until they are ready to serve.

3- Layer the blini with cream and mandarin sections. Serve with strawberry sauce, orange sauce, chocolate and sugar.