Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

03 March 2014 Comments Off on Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

March 4 -7
Mexican Menu

Sopa de Papas con Chile Verde Gusto
Potato soup with green chili peppers and cheese
Chile Salad with Red Beans
Served with vinaigrette dressing

Main Courses
Beef Quesadillas
Served with guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa
Cheesy Chicken Burritos
Served with mashed red beans and jalapeños

Wet Coconut Cake
Served with grilled pineapple
Chocolate Mousse

Chef de Cuisine: Elif Denizci
Maître de Table: Ali Ünal
Set Menu Price is 20.00 TL
For reservations: ext. 5029