Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

24 March 2014 Comments Off on Le Piment Rouge Restaurant Menu

March 25 – 28
French Menu

Crème Vichyssoise
Creamy potato and leek soup
Crêpes aux Epinards et Ricotta
Spinach and Ricotta Crepes

Main Courses
Pan-Fried Chicken Breast
Served with Swiss chard and red pepper coulis
Tournedos aux Champignons
Served with Duchesse potatoes

Tarte aux Pommes Glace Vanille
French apple tart accompanied by vanilla ice cream
Soft choux pastries filled with vanilla cream and covered with chocolate cream

Chef de Cuisine: Elif Denizci
Maître de Table: Ali Ünal
Set Menu Price is 20.00 TL
For reservations: ext. 5029