Management Student Makes “Most Creative 50” List

27 April 2021 Comments Off on Management Student Makes “Most Creative 50” List

Gökçenaz Uzun, a second-year student in the Department of Management, was named to the “Most Creative 50” list compiled by MediaCat, one of Turkey’s largest marketing magazines. The list includes not only people who work in areas generally labeled “creative,” but also those in any field of activity whose original ideas make a difference.

Gökçenaz states that her aim is to help heal the planet she lives on. To this end, she co-founded Composeit, a startup that promotes the conversion of food waste into organic fertilizers using the Bokashi compost method, selling kits online to those who want to start composting.

She also conducts awareness campaigns on social media and is currently working on a mobile application to encourage and guide individuals in the direction of composting.