Marriott International Speakers Offer THM Students a Window on the Future

06 May 2019 Comments Off on Marriott International Speakers Offer THM Students a Window on the Future

On April 25, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management hosted “University Talks: Life@Marriott,” an event featuring guest speakers representing various brands of the Marriott International hotel chain: Albert Helms, general manager of the JW Marriott Ankara; Sinan Köseoğlu, complex general manager at Lugal and the Sheraton Ankara Hotel and Convention Center; and Eda Yıldırım Durmaz, human resources director of Le Meridien Etiler.

Mr. Helms started the seminar with welcoming remarks and an overview of Marriott International’s history. He also shared his own career development experiences in the industry.

Ms. Durmaz gave some advice on how to succeed in interviews, noting that a candidate should know something about the company they are applying to and be ready to ask questions. She also suggested working for international companies, preferably in different units located in various countries.

The most important message that the presenters conveyed was the importance of education enhanced by internships. Loving what you do, and being open-minded and able to adapt to different work environments, they declared, are basic qualities expected of aspiring hoteliers. The speakers indicated that there are many opportunities available in the industry, including management training programs such as Marriott’s global leadership development program “Voyage,” that offer a good start for a successful career.

In addition to advice on career development, the audience also enjoyed getting a glimpse into the future of the hospitality industry, in which, the speakers noted, it will be necessary to incorporate innovation and technology in order to cater to the changing dynamics and expectations of new-generation travelers.