Meet the Coolest Mobile Technologies: Mobile Days ’16

08 February 2016 Comments Off on Meet the Coolest Mobile Technologies: Mobile Days ’16

Each year, Bilkent IEEE holds Mobile Days, an event that brings engineers, students and enthusiasts together to explore the latest in mobile technologies. This year’s Mobile Days will be a two-day, single-track international conference, to take place on February 19-20 at Mithat Çoruh Auditorium.

The sessions will offer a wide range of topics, including Project Tango, the Apple Watch, Swift, RubyMotion and virtual reality, as well as many more. If you are interested in mobile trends, don’t pass up this chance to listen to in-depth discussions and meet the experts in person.

∙ Andreu Ibanez is a Google expert, now working with virtual and augmented reality tools from Google and serving as a Project Tango tester and authorized speaker.

∙ Burak Yiğit Kaya is one of the two front-end tech leads at Disqus; he focuses primarily on the FEOps (front-end ops) and DevOps side of things, working on the tooling that makes other people happier and more productive.

∙ Alexey Demedetskiy is an iOS engineer from Ukraine.

∙ Markiyan Matsekh is a seeker of new opportunities enabled by technology. For the last couple of years, he’s been heavily involved in mobile and wearable tech as one of today’s biggest disruptors.

∙ Marc Villacampa works at HipByte, the company behind RubyMotion; he is involved in all aspects of the project.

∙ Semih Energin is a software engineer primarily interested in creative productions, state-of-the-art HCI, real-time simulations, and all possible permutations of these.

∙ Aykut Bal is a product guy who focuses on mobile apps. His main specialties are makers, hackers and startups within the payment industry.

∙ Murat Aydın is a senior software engineer and team leader at STM A.Ş, which develops software technologies for defense systems; he works as a senior Android developer in his free time.

∙ Emre Or is a software engineer and software development manager at Arvento. Mobile Systems.

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