Meeting Underwater

17 March 2014 Comments Off on Meeting Underwater


The Bilkent Underwater Society (BILSAT) had their spring introductory meeting on March 4. We did an interview with the society’s chair, Emirhan Buğday (IE/IV), about undersea life, the sport of scuba diving and the Bilkent Underwater Society.

B.N.: How do you describe the life to be found underwater?

E.B: I have only three words to say: stunning, thrilling and must-see!

B.N.: What fascinates you the most about undersea life—what makes you go underwater?

E.B: The entire trip to the seaside fascinates me, not just the underwater part. I mean, I enjoy our weekend trips as a whole, from the bus rides to the landscapes of the areas we go to, the dinners, the boat trips, the friendships and, of course, each new underwater adventure.

B.N.: Can you tell us about underwater sports, and especially scuba?

E.B.: Scuba diving is basically swimming underwater using equipment that allows you to breathe there. This equipment allows you to dive deeper and for longer periods, which gives you a chance to explore and enjoy the undersea realm.

B.N.: Many people are afraid of diving—what would you say to them?

E.B.: There’s nothing to be afraid of; when you’re underwater, you’re in one of the most peaceful places on earth, and scuba diving is the most secure extreme sport. It’s almost impossible to get hurt.

B.N.: Can you tell us about the Bilkent Underwater Society?

E.B.: First of all, we’re friends instead of just a group of people. Actually, it’s impossible not to become good friends after sharing such amazing moments together. We organize diving trips to beautiful places like Kaş, Fethiye and Bodrum. We also hang out a lot on campus and in the city center, meeting at bars, having lunches and dinners, etc. Our one and only task is having fun and sharing great memories.

B.N.: Do you give any training at Bilkent, or do you just get people together and go somewhere to dive?

E.B.: We arrange for TSSF-certified teachers to give scuba diving lessons leading to the CMAS scuba diving license. This license is international, so that after completing the training you’ll be able to dive globally.

B.S.: What do people need to do to join BILSAT?

E.B.: Whether you’re already a diver or not, you can easily become part of our society.  If you are a diver already, all you need to do is come and have fun with us. If you’re not a diver, you can either take the lessons to become an international scuba diver, or you can just come along on our trips as a non-diver.

We thank Emirhan for filling us in about undersea diving, and hope that BILSAT sees the best fish to be found in Turkish seas!