Meral Akşener Speaks to Bilkent Students

28 December 2021 Comments Off on Meral Akşener Speaks to Bilkent Students

On Monday, December 20, İyi Party Leader Meral Akşener was hosted by the Bilkent Atatürkçü Düşünce Topluluğu for an event that took place in the Bilkent Concert Hall. Ms. Akşener, whose visit was welcomed with great interest by Bilkent students, answered questions about politics, the economy and the current situation.

The conversation that took place after a busy school day seemed to increase the sense of optimism among the students, due to the content of Ms. Akşener’s answers. In particular, her comments on present conditions and the future, and the answers in which she combined young people’s perspectives with her own views, appeared to give hope to the listeners for better days ahead.

Moreover, it was evident that Ms. Akşener’s willingness to answer everyone’s questions and listen carefully to each questioner, as well as to take time afterward for the hundreds of students who wanted to meet her, made a very favorable impression on those in attendance.