“Modern Sabahlar” Hosts Visit Radio Bilkent

02 December 2019 Comments Off on “Modern Sabahlar” Hosts Visit Radio Bilkent

On November 25, Radio Bilkent welcomed two members of the “Modern Sabahlar” team, Fahir Öğünç and Ege Kayacan, to its studio. “Modern Sabahlar” is a morning radio program that has been on the air since 1999; Mr. Öğünç and Mr. Kayacan are hosts of the show.

The broadcast started as an interview, with the duo answering such questions as how “Modern Sabahlar” got started and how it was named, but quickly evolved into a dialogue as the guests engaged with the Radio Bilkent staff.

The interview took place during Radio Bilkent’s “Drive Time” program, which is broadcast weekdays from 5 to 7 p.m. The “Drive Time” staff expressed their pleasure at being on the air with the “Modern Sabahlar” team, commenting that the experience was very instructive for them.