Music Club Offers One-on-One Music Instruction

12 February 2018 Comments Off on Music Club Offers One-on-One Music Instruction

As in previous semesters, the Bilkent Music Club is making it possible for students to receive individual instruction in music. These noncredit private lessons are open to all students and are held in the Music Club room in the Student Council building (U Building) on Main Campus. Most of the instructors are Faculty of Music and Performing Arts students or graduates.

Instruction is on a one-to-one basis, and is tailored to the student’s level of proficiency. Lesson times are arranged around the student’s class schedule, and are also available on weekends. Most students who are interested in music as a hobby find that one lesson per week is sufficient. Although the lessons are not free of charge, they are very affordable compared to other music instruction offered around the city.

Instruction is available in the instruments/skills listed below. The club can arrange instruction in other instruments by contacting instructors at Bilkent or by referral to other reputable music academies in the area. For further information and registration, please email the club at

Areas of instruction: Voice/Vocal Coaching; Piano (Classical or Pop); Guitar (Electric, Pop or Classical); Flute; Violin; Harmonics; Ear Training; Rhythm Workshop; DJ Training