#MyFreedomDay at BELS

25 March 2019 Comments Off on #MyFreedomDay at BELS

On March 14, the Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School organized a number of activities for #MyFreedomDay, an international event dedicated to heightening awareness of modern-day slavery and child labor. Sponsored by the US news outlet CNN, #MyFreedomDay attracted the participation of schools around the world.

At Bilkent Erzurum, the entire school was involved in organizing events to raise awareness of the use of slavery and child labor in the production of some common, everyday goods in the hope that students, as consumers, will make informed choices about the products they buy.

#MyFreedom Day at BELS was part of the school’s continuing effort “to support awareness of the issue of slavery and child labor in its effort to encourage the development of principled members of the global community.”