New Book by Saime Özçürümez

01 December 2020 Comments Off on New Book by Saime Özçürümez

“Zorunlu Göç Deneyimi ve Toplumsal Bütünleşme” (Forced Migration and Social Cohesion: Concepts, Models, Practices and Turkey), coauthored by Assoc. Prof. Saime Özçürümez of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and Prof. Ahmet İçduygu of Koç University, was recently published by Istanbul Bilgi University Publishers.

Based on a thorough analysis of data on Turkey’s experience with international protection responsibilities while hosting around 3.6 million forcibly displaced Syrians, the book aims to break new ground in forced migration studies and comparative public policy in three ways: by proposing a different conceptualization of “social cohesion”; by proposing two governance models to understand and explain state response to forced migration governance in middle-income countries coping with the prolonged stay of massive forcibly displaced populations; and by investigating the consequent transformation in four public policy areas (working life, education, health and housing) through multiple levels of governance by all policy actors, making this a unique single-volume comprehensive overview of multiple policy processes in Turkey.

The authors employ an approach based on policy network analysis while accounting for temporal variation and revealing context-specific analytical categories recognizing spatial variation. By introducing a new direction for research on the complexity and effectiveness of forced-migration governance, the conclusions offer scholars and policy makers insights regarding innovation in policy design for social cohesion in an era of diversifying local, national and global challenges in managing cross-border mobility.