New Sport Debuts at Bilkent: Indoor Triathlon

06 November 2017 Comments Off on New Sport Debuts at Bilkent: Indoor Triathlon

Bilkent’s first Indoor Triathlon, the newest event to be organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, took place on November 4. A total of 25  participants had the chance to test their endurance by doing three sports in one competition.

The first leg of the triathlon was swimming, which took place in the Bilkent swimming pool. Competitors next rode stationary bikes set up beside the pool, and then moved on to the Dormitories Sports Hall indoor track for the final leg: running.

Indoor Triathlon Top Finishers


  1. Bahadır Küçük
  2. Oğuz Çam
  3. Ata Alp Gündoğdu


  1. Özge Norman
  2. Selin Selvi Şanlıtürk
  3. Ezginur Uslu