New Staff Members Join the Radio Bilkent Family

17 February 2020 Comments Off on New Staff Members Join the Radio Bilkent Family

At the beginning of every semester, Radio Bilkent invites newcomers to join its all-volunteer staff. As always, the station received many applications during the first semester of this academic year. Those who completed their training became interns, with the opportunity to continue the learning process and become fully qualified staff members.

Each of the station’s units has its own type of training program. For instance, broadcasting trainees receive special instruction from Radio Bilkent mentor and former TRT announcer Mehpare Çelik. For other units, experienced staff members teach newcomers the intricacies of the work.

With the arrival of the spring semester, yet another group of prospective staff members began their training at the station. “The start of the semester, when we welcome new members to our staff, is always an exciting time for the whole Radio Bilkent family,” declared a station spokesperson. “We’re looking forward to getting to know our new interns!”