New Student Council Officers Elected

21 October 2019 Comments Off on New Student Council Officers Elected

The final step in the Student Council election process was completed on October 17 with the election of the Council’s president and Executive Committee.

Berkay Aslandoğan (ME/III)

The new Student Council president is Berkay Aslandoğan from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The general secretary of the Executive Committee is Burak Karaoğlu (POLS/IV); the other members of the committee and their areas of responsibility are as follows: education, Mehmet Ceylan (MAN/IV); health, sports and culture, Emre Hasan İlbilgi (BF/III); treasurer, Konoz Can Orhan (LAW/IV).

Burak Karaoğlu (POLS/IV)

Mehmet Ceylan (MAN/IV)

Emre Hasan İlbilgi (BF/III)

Konoz Can Orhan (LAW/IV)

Audit Committee members are Muhammet Kasım Varol (CTIS/IV), president; Abdullah Şahin (MATH/II); and Özgür Haran (MUS/III).