New Volunteers Get Acquainted With ENDOST and DHDP

29 September 2014 Comments Off on New Volunteers Get Acquainted With ENDOST and DHDP

Following last week’s TDP (Social Awareness Projects) meeting/reception, two of the organization’s projects, ENDOST (Friendship Without Disabilities Project) and DHDP (Railway Line Support Project), had their own get-acquainted meetings.
ENDOST members socialize with mentally disabled people, making regular visits to ZİÇEV (Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children) every week. Volunteers do many activities, such as yoga, music and dance, with these new friends (whose average age is 30) to help them adapt to society. The group’s get-acquainted meeting was attended by 35 people who are ready to be part of the solution for the mentally disabled. Additional volunteers are always welcome.
DHDP shows a bigger world to children who live in small villages. Every year the project goes to a small school in a village outside of Ankara. The volunteers travel on a train, which also serves as their accommodation for the four days they are in the village. During those days, the volunteers organize many activities that help the children broaden their vision of the world outside the village. Attendees at the project’s get-acquainted meeting numbered 90, which was more than expected. DHDP members look forward to working as hard this year as they did last year.
If you would like to join either of these projects, you may contact TDP at any time!