Organic Gardening on Campus

27 April 2015 Comments Off on Organic Gardening on Campus

Does a hobby that will help you get close to nature, meet some of your campus neighbors, and supply your kitchen with fresh, tasty vegetables sound appealing?

The Organic Garden project offers individuals the opportunity to grow their own food in plots located on Middle Campus. A participant pays only 100 TL for the use of a 25-square-meter plot for a whole year.

Hobby gardens have been offered by the Environmental Planning Management Unit since 2002. The only difference from last year is that you now need to provide your own seeds.

New and experienced gardeners alike are welcome to join the program. For more information on how to reserve your garden space, you can contact the Environmental Planning Management Unit at ext. 2257-2258.

This spring, why not create your own bit of nature with your own garden?