Picture Challenge

19 February 2018 Comments Off on Picture Challenge


This is the Bilkent News picture challenge, where each week I choose a shot taken somewhere on our campus and let the readers guess what it is. If you’re looking to test your observational skills and knowledge of the campus, feel free to try sending in an answer. If it’s correct and luck is on your side, you can earn a free coffee.

Last issue’s answer was Bilkent NANOTAM; congratulations to everyone who guessed it right. This week our picture is about change. There used to be something more elegant where this slab of concrete stands now. If you were used to what was here before, you might be surprised and will surely know what you’re looking at. Have a nice week, and let the guesses rain down!

Please send your answers to iletisim@bilkent.edu.tr to win a coffee of your choice from Fameo Coffee in the Engineering Building.