Radio Bilkent Family Grows Bigger

05 March 2019 Comments Off on Radio Bilkent Family Grows Bigger

As it does every semester, during the first weeks of this semester Radio Bilkent invited anyone who might be interested to apply to join their “family.”

Last week, students who applied to join the Broadcasting unit were interviewed.

This week, all applicants gathered for their first instructional workshop, where they were given basic information about the station. All of Radio Bilkent’s units introduced themselves individually, describing their various responsibilities.

After the workshop, candidates for the Public Relations unit still have the opportunity to change their minds and choose among the other administrative subunits, Organization, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Design.

Meanwhile, training for the Broadcasting unit is going forward, with students being interviewed by former TRT announcer Mehpare Çelik, who is now overseeing the unit’s instructional process. The applicants’ training will continue as they learn about the responsibilities and work procedures of the particular broadcasting subunit that they will be joining based on the results of the interviews and their own decisions.

“We all welcome the applicants and wish them good luck,” declared a spokesperson for current Radio Bilkent staff members. “We would also like to wish a happy Women’s Day to our mentor Mehpare Çelik and each and every woman out there.”