Radio Bilkent Training Sessions Go Online

08 December 2020 Comments Off on Radio Bilkent Training Sessions Go Online

Each semester, Radio Bilkent recruits new volunteers for its staff. With COVID-19 precautions still in effect, the station has had to adapt both its selection and training procedures. While the process of selecting staff members from among this semester’s applicants took place entirely online, the task of training them for positions in the station’s various units is being conducted online or using a hybrid model, according to current conditions and each unit’s requirements.

In the News and Music units, trainees receive both diction lessons and instruction in using a microphone. The diction lessons, given by former TRT announcer and current Bilkent University faculty member Mehpare Çelik, focus on the proper pronunciation of words and sentences, and this semester have been held online via Zoom. The microphone instruction may take place either online or in person (with proper precautionary measures), depending on the situation at the time with regard to the pandemic.

In the Content Production and Management unit, training supervisors instruct new staff in the procedures for running Radio Bilkent’s social media accounts; this instruction is also provided remotely. To help them learn, trainees are assigned to develop their own ideas for promoting the station through social media.

For training in the Public Relations unit, procedures are virtually the same as before, except that presentations take place via Zoom. New staff members learn how to take shifts and carry out duties such as evaluating survey results.

Similarly, the Production unit had no problem changing to an online training system, since the trainees are taught technology-based skills, specifically the use of audio production programs such as Logic Pro.

Although the recruitment period is over for this semester, Turkish-speaking students who would like to join the Radio Bilkent staff are welcome to apply next semester.