Reminders for Spring Fest

18 April 2017 Comments Off on Reminders for Spring Fest

To ensure that everything goes smoothly during the two days of Spring Fest, the event’s organizing committee would like to remind Bilkenters of a few guidelines, and to thank everyone in advance for abiding by these rules:

For security reasons, entry to the campus will be strictly controlled at the gates. Please be sure to have your ID card with you as usual.

Some roads and parking areas will be closed to traffic during the Spring Fest period. We strongly advise everyone to use public transportation rather than private automobiles to get to campus.

Do not bring your pets to the Spring Fest area. There may be people who do not appreciate the presence of animals, and unruly pets could pose a danger to children.

Pitching tents on the grass will not be allowed for health and security reasons.

Please be environmentally conscious: take care not to damage trees and plants, and use the cans provided for your trash.