“Riders of Bilkent” Rev Up for Another Semester of Activities

30 September 2013 Comments Off on “Riders of Bilkent” Rev Up for Another Semester of Activities

Riders of Bilkent, one of the newer student clubs to be established at the university, has already seen its membership grow to unexpectedly high numbers and held many activities during its first year. Because the group places emphasis on safe motorcycle riding, a number of its activities have related directly to this theme.

For these events, prominent members of the Turkish motorcycle community, such as Barkın Bayoğlu, Rahmi Barutçu, Okan Sinan Ocan and Kaan Tuna, were invited to Bilkent and made presentations. Not only Bilkenters but also members of the wider motorcycle community in Ankara showed great interest in the presentations, raising the profile of Riders of Bilkent in the city and beyond.

In addition, the group has published motorcycle-related articles in a well-known Turkish motorcycle journal. The Riders’ popular gymkhana event has also contributed to the club’s growth. Gymkhana is a sport that promotes the improvement of motorcycle-riding skills by requiring participants to navigate a predefined, narrow course at slow speeds — exactly the skills needed in inner-city traffic.

Not only is gymkhana fun to take part in — it is also fun to watch, and an educational experience as well. On October 6, Riders of Bilkent will hold its third gymkhana. The event is open to everyone and will start at noon in the parking lot next to the Spring Fest area.