Sandrine Bergès Publishes New Book

29 November 2022 Comments Off on Sandrine Bergès Publishes New Book

Prof. Sandrine Bergès of the Department of Philosophy recently published a new book, “Liberty in Their Names: The Women Philosophers of the French Revolution” by Bloomsbury Publishing. The book is out as an ebook and available through the publishers’ website and the Bilkent Library. The paperback and hardback versions will come out December 15.

Telling the story of three overlooked revolutionary thinkers, “Liberty in Their Names” explores the lives and works of Olympe de Gouges, Sophie de Grouchy and Manon Roland. All three were thinking and writing about political philosophy, especially equality and social justice, before the French Revolution. As they became engaged in its efforts, their political writing became more urgent. At a time when women could neither vote nor speak at the Assembly, they became influential through their writings. Yet instead of Gouges, Grouchy and Roland, we speak of Voltaire, Rousseau and Diderot.

Prof. Bergès examines the lives and writings of these trailblazing women philosophers and their impact on philosophical thought during the French Revolution. Featuring pictures, a timeline and a bibliography of their works, this book offers exciting new insights into the history of political philosophy and of the French Revolution.