Social Network Created by Physics PhD Student Attracts 2 Million Users Worldwide

10 March 2014 Comments Off on Social Network Created by Physics PhD Student Attracts 2 Million Users Worldwide, a social messaging service that has 2 million registered users and 250,000 visitors a day globally, was founded and developed by Department of Physics PhD student Ozan Yerli.

Explaining what inspired him to create the project, Ozan

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says: “ is a social network that allows anonymous communication. In modern social networks you must have an identity to interact with other people. This sometimes creates pressure on you. In order to solve this problem, we built”

He describes how the network operates: “When you create an account on, you are given a profile address. allows you to chat with whoever visits your profile. You share your profile address with your friends using other social networks. When they visit your profile, they’re given anonymous nicknames, and therefore you don’t know who you’re chatting with.

“Since they’re anonymous, your friends can ask you things they normally woudn’t. You can relate your problems to an expert—for instance, a psychologist—without revealing your identity, and get an instant answer. Businesses also use in order to get anonymous feedback about their products and give support to their customers in real time.” is used globally, with most users from Turkey, Argentina and other countries in Europe and South America, and is continually expanding. The team plans to develop the program in various languages and is working on a mobile website and mobile applications.

For more information or to connect with the network, you can visit