Spring Basketball Clinic

12 April 2022 Comments Off on Spring Basketball Clinic

Do you enjoy shooting hoops, but don’t really know the rules of basketball? Or maybe you like to watch others play, but hesitate to get out on the court yourself?

As part of its Sports as a Way of Life program, the Physical Education and Sports Center will be holding a basketball clinic, to take place over three Saturdays: April 23 and 30, and May 14. During the clinic, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques and rules of the game and have the opportunity to take part in activities that will improve your skills.

The clinic will take place at the Outdoor Sports Facilities basketball courts (or, in case of rain, at the Dormitories Sports Hall). Each session will begin at 4 p.m.

All Bilkent students are welcome to attend the clinic, and can register at any of the sports halls. Students taking GE250/251 will receive 15 points if they attend all three sessions.