Spring Fitness Challenge Concludes

19 April 2022 Comments Off on Spring Fitness Challenge Concludes

The 2022 Spring Fitness Challenge held by the Physical Education and Sports Center as part of its Sports as a Way of Life program ended on April 17. During the four weeks of the challenge, 120 Bilkenters exercised on a regular basis, receiving 5 points for each workout session; 37 participants succeeded in collecting 120 or more points.

Held at the Dormitories and Main Sports Halls, the challenge was open to all students. The goal of the Sports Center’s fitness challenges, which take place each semester, is to encourage students to exercise and stay fit, laying the foundation for lifelong good health habits.

The top finishers in this year’s Spring Fitness Challenge are listed below.


1. Aslınur Memiş, İdil Yavuz, Nida Begüm Akgün

2. Nihan Yiğit

3. Emel Sare Çakır


1. Evren İnce, Hüseyin Buğra Bayram, Karahan Rumelili, Muhammad Ali Shahid, Rahmi Erdal Semerci

2. Ömer Dalyancı

3. Ege Ünver