Spring Semester Sports Programs

29 January 2018 Comments Off on Spring Semester Sports Programs

Spring Semester Sports Programs

The Physical Education and Sports Center has another great semester of healthy and fun activities scheduled for spring 2018. The courses and programs being offered include: group exercise programs, aikido, badminton, ballroom dancing, fencing, fit-boxing, fitness and strength training, judo, karate, kendo, squash, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, wing-tsun and yoga. There really is something for everyone to take part in, so you are encouraged to get involved.

Registration for 2018 spring semester sports courses will take place at the Physical Education and Sports Center facilities (Dormitories Sports Hall and Main Sports Hall for students on Main Campus; East Sports Hall for students on East Campus) February 5-11. All courses will begin the week of February 12. Please note that students can take some of these courses as elective credit courses.

To use any of the sports facilities or to participate in a sports course, you need to bring your Bilkent ID card with you each time you enter a facility. You can also reserve the mini football fields (halı saha), swimming pool lanes, tennis courts and squash courts over the phone or in person at the reception desks in the Dormitories Sports Hall and East Sports Hall one day in advance.

For further information, please feel free to contact the center.

Sports Center (Dormitories Sports Hall) at ext. 1325-1993

Main Sports Hall at ext. 3186

East Sports Hall at ext. 5350